About Us

UNIQO was established in 2010 by a group of strong women who share the same passion. Its mission is to promote beneficial functional foods for all.



Not so long ago, in a cosy little house, a debate was sparked among a group of close friends. They were people who have many years experience in pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. They were, at the same time, mothers of young children and daughters of aging parents. One that day, a line was drawn, metaphorically speaking, between art and science, nature and nurture, and hard work and talent.

The debate marked the beginning of a yearlong search for excellent food ingredients for health. Along the way, these ladies stumbled upon a wonderful herb extract, believed to be benefits to them during their student days a long time ago. One of these friends, a surgeon, declared the herb her secret weapon to academic excellence. In fact, it was her mother’s secret. And this secret is none other than American Ginseng. This exciting herb extract is an award-winning ingredient named Cereboost® by Naturex, France.

We were talking about the birth of UNIQO. 



UNIQANs are a group of passionate ladies who constantly in search of good methodology to improve their quality of life. Like you and I.
At UNIQO, we strive to do more than just selling products. We are working our best each day, finding ways to serve our future generation and our community better. 



For centuries, people all around the world have used natural remedies to treat common ailments. Hence, UNIQO believes that nature still plays an important role in supporting a healthier lifestyle and disease prevention. 



We believe in producing the best products for our friends, relatives, neighbours and all the people we love. To make it happen, we always ensure that our products are made with the finest ingredients of premium quality. Most of our ingredients are imported from Europe and Japan because these countries are well known for their strict quality control and excellent manufacturing environment of raw ingredients.