Hepior - Liver Tonic

Hepior - Liver Tonic

The liver is one of the largest most internal organs in the human body. It has many functions, from protecting the body from toxins from the environment as well as from prescription drugs, alcohol and food additives that enter the body. When the liver becomes overburdened from too many toxins, health issues and life-threatening diseases may occur.

Liver failure is among the top causes of mortality and has often been linked to dietary immoderation. Alcohol abuse and the continued use of most drugs often lead to irreversible liver damage. The liver along with the kidneys filters the blood and removes toxins such as heavy metals and excessive cholesterol. Detoxifying the liver on a routine basis can help protect it from becoming overburdened by toxins.

Damage to the liver can be caused by excesses of the following items over time:

  1. environmental toxins
  2. prescription drugs
  3. alcohol use
  4. food additives


Signs of Liver Toxicity

Majority of people have an overabundance of toxins in their bodies. Between the pollutants in the air, the many prescription medications being taken and even the additives that are in foods, the body becomes a haven for toxins. Because of this, the liver becomes overworked and cannot work properly. Signs of too many toxins in the liver include:

  • sallow skin
  • age spots on the skin also known as liver spots
  • sagging skin, wrinkles
  • adult acne
  • chronic bad breath
  • dark circles under the eyes
  • puffy eyes
  • skin sores or rashes that do not heal
  • dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis


What is HEPIOR?

HEPIOR’s formulation represents the ultimate synergy of botanical ingredients. A unique combination of 4 essential herbal extracts to support the body’s biochemical process to encourage optimal liver health. HEPIOR is distinguished by its exceptional grade and purity of ingredients. It features specially selected, extraordinarily potent ingredients which are historically and scientifically validated.

Each vegetable capsule contains an optimum formulation of Milk Thistle, Artichoke, Schizandra (also called Wuweizi by the Chinese) and Phyllantus.


Who would benefits most from HEPIOR?

Hepior may benefit anyone who has a need or desire for liver protection. This includes people who are taking recreational or pharmaceutical drugs on a regular basis, those who are moderate to heavy drinkers of alcohol, persons who live or work in a polluted environment, and anyone with a liver condition that may threaten the integrity of liver cells.


How should I take HEPIOR?

1 – 3 vegetable capsule daily after meal.


Is it safe to consume HEPIOR regulary?

Yes. HEPIOR is safe for regular consumption. It does not increase the stress of liver over long term consumption. It is designed to strengthen and support the general health as a liver tonic. The active ingredients of HEPIOR are natural well-recognized and backed by proven scientific researches. Vegetable capsule is suitable for vegetarian.



Those who are allergic to any ingredient in HEPOIR should not consume it. Also, those who are suffering from any serious illness and/or are under medication, pregnant women and lactating mothers should consult their pharmacist or doctor before their intended intake of this product.