CardiOAT - Oat Bran Powder with Added Plant Sterols

CardiOAT - Oat Bran Powder with Added Plant Sterols

How does βeta-Glucan help to lower cholesterol and improve Heart Health?

High blood cholesterol is one of the major risk factors for heart diseases. But, you can modify it to reduce your risk or chance of developing a cardiovascular disease (heart disease/heart attack) by incorporating oat βeta-glucan as part of your ‘Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes’ (TLC) diet. Viscous soluble fibre in oat bran βeta-glucan increases bile acid excretion and synthesis, thus reducing circulating concentrations of cholesterol. When oat βeta-glucan passes through your digestive system, it will change into a gel like substance which then binds to cholesterol and prevents it from being absorbed in your intestines. Therefore, your body will be able to dispose the cholesterol and you will reduce and lower your blood cholesterol naturally and significantly.


Oat βeta-glucan may also help in the followings:
Maintenance of healthy body weight

Oat βeta-glucan is a water soluble fiber. Therefore, when consumed 20-30 minutes before a meal, allowing it to absorb a considerable amount of water, forming a viscous fluid which can significantly help slow down the emptying of food from the stomach resulting in the feeling of fullness or satiety in an individual thus naturally help to control weight when combined with a healthy, balanced diet and adequate exercise.

Maintenance of healthy blood glucose levels

Oat βeta-glucan control blood glucose & insulin levels by increasing the viscosity in the intestines, helps to delay the absorption of glucose into the digestive tract, this leads to the reduction of insulin depletion. The total time of absorption is increased & glucose is available in a longer period of time.

Promotes digestive health

To function as a prebiotic (supplying needed nutrients to good bacteria and help facilitate their health and growth), thus lowering the incidence of inflammatory bowel disease and other digestive tract issues (constipation).

FDA Heart Health Claim

“Soluble fiber from foods such as βeta-Glucan, as part of a diet low in saturated fats and cholesterol, may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease & lower blood cholesterol”

American Heart Association Scientific Statement

Choose Whole-Grain, High Fiber Foods

“Dietary patterns that are high in whole-grain products and fiber have been associated with increased diet quality and decreased risk of CVD.

Soluble or viscous fibers (notably βeta-glucan and pectin) modestly reduce LDL-cholesterol levels….”



CardiOAT puts you in control on how you can achieve heart health. Studies have proven that a daily intake of at least 3g of oat βeta-glucan can significantly reduce your total cholesterol.

Just one sachet of CardiOAT will provide the 3.6g βeta-glucan you need every day.

In summary, CardiOAT may help you to pursue a healthy lifestyle, improves your quality of life and provides solutions to all your heart needs.


Cherish Your Heart

CardiOat is packed with concentrated oat bran powder rich in βeta-glucan component (20%) which is 7 to 10 times MORE βeta-glucan than in oatmeal.

  1. Premium oat bran powder imported from USA
  2. Suitable for vegans, lactose intolerance and diabetic individuals
  3. GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) status by FDA