Bezzolive - A Natural Solvent-Free Water Extract of Olive Fruits

Bezzolive - A Natural Solvent-Free Water Extract of Olive Fruits

The Benefits of Olives

With today’s stressful lifestyle and heavy exposure to free radicals and radiation, it is no wonder that many of us age faster with our health being compromised. Inactive lifestyle, excessive intakes of fat and sugar, and the lack of dietary antioxidant are said to be the culprit of modern diseases. However, did you know that there could be a remedy available that helps combat the damaging effects of free radical?

Olives, the fruit originating from the Mediterranean countries, are highly regarded for their healing properties. Being rich in antioxidants, olives are proposed to offer multiple health benefits, particularly strong antioxidant protection.

Of all the phenolic constituents of olives, hydroxytyrosol is considered as antioxidant, showing interesting biological activities in human. One of just handful bioactive ingredients to secure a positive protective health claims opinions from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA),hydroxytyrosol is considered a biological active compound to maintain healthy body by the authority.

Apart from the attention given in the area of health, it has been well documented that hydroxytyrosol possesses extraordinary anti-oxidative, protecting skin from oxidative damage, inside out.

Bezzolive boosts a minimum 15% of total bioactive polyphenols including 12% hydroxytyrosol, a high dosage of olive antioxidant per capsule.

Bezzolive has been granted “Generally Recognized As Safe” status by the US FDA, and official certified by the Spanish National Research Council to be rich in antioxidant polyphenols, a testament to its highly antioxidant agents that fight against free radical.


Functions of Bezzolive

Cardiovascular Protection

Prevents the formation of thrombosis or blood clots in the blood vessels, reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.


Modulates inflammatory responses including joints inflammation and relieves joint pains associated with inflammation.


Protects against free radical damage at the cellular levels.

Cholesterol lowering

Lowers LDL cholesterol level.

Immune system

Strengthens the immune system.

Bone Health

Bone loss prevention


Preserves your biological age.


Protects against free radical damage at the cellular levels.


Why Bezzolive

High Potency

HT is one of the most powerful antioxidants (ORAC 27000 micromole TE/g) known to date, which is 3.3 times the value of green tea catechin, and 4.3 times of grape seed extract.


The olive extract of Bezzolive is extracted from the olive fruit water phase without the use of solvents. It is natural, non-toxic and guaranteed to be free from pesticides and heavy metals.


Bezzolive is the first food supplement to contain active olive fruit extract rich in Hydroxytyrosol (HT) and Oat beta glucan.

5 International Patents

The olive extract of Bezzolive is manufactured under a sustainable technology with 5 patents worldwide.

High HT level

Bezzolive guarantees a minimum 12% of HT. In one capsule of Bezzolive, the HT content is equivalent to 35g of fresh table olives or half a liter of extra virgin olive oil.

State-of-the-art Technology

The olive extract of Bezzolive is the 30-year research outcome of Dr JerónimoDíaz in collaboration with the Ministry of Science and Innovation, Spain.

Quality Assured

Bezzolive is produced under rigorous quality control: ISO 9001/14001, HACCP, and GMP to ensure a high product quality.

Value for Money

The Purity/Price ratio of Bezzolive is by far the highest in the market as compared to other similar products.


No clinical signs of toxicity were observed with oral administration of 2000mg/kg and with no known side effects.

High Functionality

Significant positive effects on the skin, joints, immune system, cardiovascular system and gastrointestinal health.


Bezzolive, a natural solvent-free water extract of olive fruits, contains a high purity of natural hydroxytyrosol. Hydroxytyrosol is the major phenolic compound found in olives and provides a great part of the health benefits of both olive fruit and virgin olive oil. A dosage of 100 mg of Bezzolive capsule contains the hydroxytyrosol equivalent to 10 table olives or 1/2 liter of extra virgin olive oil. Bezzolive is an essential component of the anti-aging and wellness aspects of the Mediterranean diet.