Battalion HU58™ - Fibres and Spores

Battalion HU58™ - Fibres and Spores

Did You Know?

Battalion HU58™ is a functional food which provides genuine prebiotics and probiotics, beneficial to our health by supporting the digestive function. Battalion HU58™ contains 2 types of dietary fibres and 3 types of spores, to enhance our digestive system, all packed in one stick.


Current Challenge in Developing Probiotics Products

Probiotics can easily be destroyed during manufacturing, transportation & storage due to various reasons like temperature, acidity, humidity and other external factors.

Surviving Harsh Conditions

The Bacillus bacteria species found in Battalion HU58™ are in spore form. Hence they are able to survive stomach acid and temperature up to 80˚C, safely arriving at the site of colonization, alive!

Designed by Nature

Found naturally in our environment, spores of Bacillus species are robust and this friendly bacteria can be delivered to our intestines effectively.

Gut Benefits

Resistant dextrin is a dietary fibre that helps to promote regular bowel movement especially for those with high tendency of constipation. FOS-enriched inulin (a prebiotic) & Bacillus species help to maintain a good intestinal environment.

Importance of Prebiotics & Probiotics

The digestive system is full of bacteria, both good and bad bacteria. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that, when introduced to the body, helps to balance out the bad bacteria to keep the entire body healthy. Prebiotics are food to promote growth of healthy bacteria.

How Do Gut Bacteria Affect us?

Here are some health conditions which have been associated with the imbalances of natural gut flora.

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