Chia Seeds : 12 Frequently Asked Questions

Chia Seeds : 12 Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much chia seed per day?

The recommended amount of chia seed for adults is about 15 to 20 grams (approximately 2-3 tablespoons) per day. This would be the daily requirement of Omega-3. For kids and teens between 10-18 years old, it is recommended to take 10 grams a day. Kids younger than 10 years old should take less than a tablespoon a day.


2. How long can chia seed last if stored in the fridge?

Generally, its shelf life is set at 2 years after processed. However, if stored properly, it can last up to 2-4 years.


3. How do chia seeds taste?

Chia seeds taste and feel like alfalfa sprouts. When eaten dry, chia seeds taste like poppy seeds. Tiny, dense and crunchy. Soaked chia seeds are soft, sweet and plump, like tapioca pearls.


4. Why are chia seeds beneficial for health?

Chia seeds are a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids that help to increase HDL cholesterol - the “good” cholesterol that fights against heart attack and stroke. They are also packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fibre. Chia seeds also rank among the top plant-based sources of protein.


5. How to eat chia seed?

Add them into smoothies, juices, yogurt or oatmeal. You may also mix them into your salad!


6. How to drink chia seed?

Add 3 tablespoons of chia seeds into warm water. Stir well and put it into the fridge overnight.

The chia seeds should have swelled by the next morning. Mix well with juice of your choice and drink.


7. Where do chia seeds come from?

Commonly, chia seeds are grown in the western South America, Southwestern United States and western Mexico.


8. What is the recommended ratio of water to chia seeds?

It is recommended a 9:1 ratio, 3 cups water for every cup chia seeds. If you prefer a thicker gel texture, go for 6:1!


9. How to make a chia pudding?

Mix chia seeds with milk, sugar and vanilla extract in a bowl and leave for 10 minutes. Stir the mixture again, cover the bowl with a lid or plastic wrap and leave in the fridge overnight. Serve pudding with preferred fruits or nuts.

10. Are chia seeds effective in losing weight?

Many health experts believe that chia seeds can help in weight loss due to its high content of fiber and protein. Fiber absorbs water and expands in the gut, creating a feeling of fullness.


11. Can chia seeds help reduce cholesterol?

Chia seeds help to lower total, LDL and triglyceride cholesterol as well as boost good HDL cholesterol. Besides that, chia seeds also help to reduce blood pressure and c-reactive protein in Type 2 diabetics.

12. Are chia seeds gluten-free?

Chia seeds are 100% gluten-free! Feel safe to use them in your gluten-free diet and vegan baking.

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